international improvisation festival, 2nd edition

The idea of this festival is to gather dancers, musicians and visual artists with an interest, as well as an experience, in improvisation as a performing form, wishing to work with artists from other disciplines, with diverse experience and artistic backgrounds. The roles disappear; the borders of artistic forms are trespassed. The body becomes an instrument and an instrument becomes a part of the body, used by artists in the most distinctive ways, always amazing both the audience and themselves.


20th-22nd September 2008, 10am-4pm, Center for Culture and Information Maksimir, Švarcova 18

Moving presence
workshop with Ilke Szilagy (Hungary/SAD)

23rd– 25th September 2008, 10am-4pm, Center for Culture and Information Maksimir, Švarcova 18

Improvisation in life performance
workshop with Chris Martineau and Sylvain Meret

25th September 2008, 8 pm, Center for Culture and Information Maksimir

Improvisation in life performance
workshop presentation

Gathering of the Improspections2008 participating artists.

Jam session 

26th September 2008, Center for Culture and Information Maksimir

Open lab
exploration of different approaches to improvising with voice and text

Open space
explorations and practice of improvisation as a solo and a group practice

8 pm
Instant composition evening no.1*

Artist talk

* Duration and number of performers in each improvisation were predetermined and the participants were selected randomly (by drawing cards with the names of participants).

27th September 2008, 10 am – 4 pm, Center for Culture and Information Maksimir


Open space

8 pm, Lotrščak Tower

Instant composition evening no.2:
in situ improvisations based on themes and scores developed during the festival

28th September 2008
12 pm

project in situ finishing at HDLU (Home of Croatian Artists).
Project by the French dancer Gilles Viandier, conceived as a site specific project at the Place Saint Roch in Montpellier. Zagreb is the second city which will host this project, and the author’s intention is that it keeps on traveling to the other cities adapting to their particularities.
Six groups of dancers, musicians, actors, improvisers will start off from six different places at the outskirts of Zagreb. On their way they will try to follow as directly as possible the radial lines of motion into the city coming together at their final destination, in Bačva gallery, Croatian Home of Fine Artists (HDLU), at Žrtava fašizma Square.
Two hours before their meeting, participants will start walking from their beginning point. They will use this time to arrive to HDLU, but also to walk, think, observe and collect objects, sounds, impressions, feelings, words, gestures, stories, wishes…that will then be exposed in their collective improvisation, offering to the audience the picture of the city put together from the fragments of its streets and inhabitants.

8 pm, Center for Culture and Information Maksimir

Instant composition evening no.3

Jam session

Festival Closure


Improspections2008 participating artists:
dancers: Ana Markić, Carla Botiglieri, Gilles Viandier, Iva Hladnik, Ivana Levanić, Iva Pavičić, Ivana Pavlović, Lana Penezić, Martina Rožić, Martina Tomić, Nataša Jurišić, Nino Bokan, Nina Komljenović, Rina Kotur, Sylvain Meret, Sonja Pregrad, Zrinka Šimičić
musicians: Branko Nikolić, Chris Martineau, Ema Abadžijeva, Emil Alexander

Artistic directors: Sonja Pregrad and Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović

Production: Center for Culture and Information Maksimir