international improvisation festival, 11th edition

21st October – 11th November 2017

Zagreb Student Center, Savska 25 / &TD Theater, SC Gallery
Ozafin Alu, Slava Raškaj building, Ilica 85, 2nd floor/ Chapel
Pogon Jedinstvo, Little Hall, Trnjanski nasip w/no.
Academy of Dramatic Art Zagreb, Frankopanska 22
Miroslav Kraljević Gallery, Šubićeva 29

The eleventh edition of the international improvisation festival Improspections2017 opens the topic of relations between improvisation, somatic work and politics. The program brings an overview of various artistic and social practices that start from the body. The festival events include performances, lectures, conversations, games and workshops.


21st  October 2017, 7 pm, Ozafin ALU
Sonja Pregrad: Dom
performance, premiere
co-authors and performers: Laura Barić, Valerija Cerovec, Teuta Gatolin, Lana Hosni, Ema Kani, Vilte Svarplyte, Josipa Štulić
support: Iva Nerina Sibila
production: Četveroruka

22nd October 2017, 7 pm, Ozafin ALU
Sonja Pregrad: Dom
Artist talk moderated by Ana Fazekaš

27th – 31st  October 2017
Pavle Heidler, Ana Horvat, Silvia Marchig, Sonja Pregrad: Glečer Extended
durational performance
27th October 2017, 6 pm- 10 pm, Pogon Jedinstvo, Little Hall
28th October 2017, 5 pm – 9 pm, Academy of Dramatic Art Zagreb, Leks
29th October 2017, 11 am – 3 pm, Academy of Dramatic Art Zagreb, Leks
30th October 2017, 10 am – 4 pm, Miroslav Kraljević Gallery
31st October 2017, 6 pm – 10 pm, Miroslav Kraljević Gallery
Artist talk moderated by Ana Fazekaš

4th November 2017, &TD Theater, Semicircular Hall

Jevtović & Larrèrović: Chorégraphie, BABY!
6th episode / Hail Mammary

5 pm
miniCONFERENCE, first part:
Jana Schildt: Embodied conflict transformation
Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović: Outside Inside
Urban Kmet: B-side
interactive performative play

5th November 2017, &TD Theater, Big Hall

11 am – 5 pm
Jana Schildt: Embodied conflict transformation

5.30 pm
Lana Hosni and Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović: pOGLED: From Outside In
work in progress

7th-9th November 2017
Madalina Dan: Agencija dodira (The Agency of Touch)
The Agency of Touch is a work utilising touch, bodily-sensorial awareness and its connectivity as a social vehicle for corporeal communication.
The Agency of Touch is an encounter in which touch is approached as a performative, intentional gesture on the body of the receiver. It is an attempt to create instant tactile compositions. The reception of the instant composition asks for an active participation through awareness and the sensorial faculties of perceiving the work on one’s own body.
In a non-visual paradigm that I want to establish, the body of the receiver is a stage, a landscape, an “affective texture”, a subjective sensorial surface. Subjective sensations arise during the instant compositions which are connected with the impulses that the living, biological structure- senses and movement receptors –receive.
The Agency of Touch is a practice privileging touch, haptic and physical experiences compared to the visual experiences that dominate in the contemporary technologised society. I am looking at my touch practice as a practical tool in order to be closer to society and its intrinsic problematics: the alienation of the senses, the neglect of anatomical/biological education, the social inequalities, the financial comfort equaling the comfort of the body, racism, migration, violence.
The Agency of Touch is a warm and affectionate environment, an integrative space to produce a close dialogue and reflection with the body and its sensorial, emotional, energetic, transcendental, caregiving and receiving resources.  As a training method facilitated by touch, it is a learning process for both giver and receiver that encourages exploring the perceptive and sensorial resources of the body also outside of the artistic frame – in everyday life.
The Agency of Touch is a touch-practice following anatomical pathways and spatio-temporal determinants. It consists of working with the somato-sensory system, with layers – the skin, muscles, joints, fat, fluids, fascia, clothing and with touch receptors registering texture, pressure, movement and vibration. I am focusing on different types of awakening of the skin and the proprioceptors: pressing, scratching, kneading, brushing, stroking combined with self-developed procedures of instant choreographies.
I am choreographing awareness through touch, by directing attention to orientation, position and relation (the limbs with the “center”, my body and the other body), by enabling the person to explore the connection with the body and its inside/outside connections. The other choreography that is taking place consists in the awareness within the spectator of his or her spatio-psychological-sensorial relationship with the “artwork”. The separation between the work to be contemplated and viewer is dissolved; so as the established roles of artist and audience, making both participants and creating an experiential interstice of communication.
The work is a durational installation which aims to develop a synaesthetic/reflexive atmosphere around touch through a trajectory that engages awareness on different levels.
The space hosts different activities for the participant:
-a waiting room
-a one-on-one tactile performance (17-20 minutes for each participant),
-an individual mapping section where the receiver is invited to map his/her tactile experience, a display area with all the different drawings and a sitting, contemplating and reflecting area.
Within the festival Improspections2017 the author performs her choreographic work for and with various target groups.
Partner: Center for Rehabilitation Zagreb

10th November 2017, SC Gallery

6 pm
Croatian Somatic Network
project presentation

8 pm
Karolin Kent: Inside/Outside
live installation

11th November 2017

10 am  – 2 pm, Mali dom, Baštijanova 1d
Madalina Dan: Agency of Touch

5 pm, SC Gallery
miniCONFERENCE, second part:  
Madalina Dan: Everything touches everything
Karolin Kent: Inside/Outside and sustainability in life
Urban Kmet: B-side

8 pm, SC Gallery
Improspections Invite: Ema Crnić, Davorka Horvat, Ivana Pavlović, Tommaso Rolando
Invited by Improspections, four artists meet for the first time in the time and space of this performance.


artistic directors: Sonja Pregrad and Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović

graphic design: Dora Đurkesac

production: Multimedijalna koliba

co-production: Student Centre, University of Zagreb, Culture of Change – &TD Theatre

partners: OZAFIN Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb, Pogon Jedinstvo, Academy of Dramatic Art Zagreb, Miroslav Kraljević Gallery, Centar za rehabilitaciju Zagreb

supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, City of Zagreb

Multimedia Hut is supported by ”Kultura nova” Foundation.