10 March 2008 8pm

Barrel Gallery, Croatian Association of Visual Artists (HDLU), Trg žrtava fašizma

Sculptor Denis Tricot and musician Neven Krajačić continue the collaboration initiated at the Festival Improspections2007. During their performance, which brings together (de)contstructing of a scrulpture and a concert, without any pre-set material and relying exclusively on their own ‘artistic expression’, these two performers try to test their receptivity and through communicating in different languages (sculpture/space-sound/time), trying to find a ‘common ground’.

Denis Tricot is a French sculptor and improvisor. Loyal to the idea of interdisciplinarity, his work has always been connected to live perfomances. Since 1994 he has been improvising with wooden arches, creating dynamic contstructions in the same space and at the same time with dancers, musicians and actors. He also creates sculptures connected to specific piece of architecture or public space. Since 2001 he has been collaborating with the contemporary dancer Zrinka Šimičić, musician Vania Dombrovszkym, Chris Martineau, Éric Cordier, Pascal Battusom, writer Rémi Checchettom, actors Claire Truche and Patricia Capdevielle, and coreographer Julie Desprairies.

Neven Krajačić has a BSC from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Department of Electroacoustics. Since 1996 he has actively been doing free-improvised music. As a percussionist he developped a set of specific playing techniques. He performs inidividually as well as a member of Duo Brio. Neven regularly plays at international festivals (Earwing festival, Festival Žedno uho (Thirsty ear), NO jazz Festival). He is a co-author and a perfomer of the structured improvisation ‘Short Programme No.1 Cymbal Sonata’. He is also s a co-founder and the president of the CRTA Association.