If there’s no bread in the house, let them eat cake


Improspections at the Perform-d-ance in Varaždin 

Improvised by / Sonja Pregrad (HR), Iva Hladnik (HR), Weronika Pelczynska (POL), Jule Flierl (D), Peter Juhasz (HUN)- dance, Dada Horvat (HR)- voice, EKOS Varaždin- sweets

Series of impro-culinary performances entitled ‘Edible Idea!’ offer free access to gastronomic delights performed in real time, an interactive approach to the visitor whose role of the simple consumer is replaced by the role of the participant in this unusual yet delicious experiment. This event brings together skilled hands of master confectioners and light feet of five internationally renowned dancers from Zagreb, Berlin, Warsaw and Budapest.